Universal Studios Endless Summer property was looking for one-of-a kind uniforms to reflect their unique location, clientele, and strong brand identity.


Endless Summer was a property that required the collaboration of Loews sophistication and the unique spirit of Universal Studios. Endless Summer consists of two separate properties; Surfside Inn and Suites and Dockside Inn and Resort. Cohesion within the departments was essential, as was standalone designs so the properties would each have their own personalities. Universal Studios wanted to clearly communicate the energy of each location and appeal to specific demographic groups that would set the property apart from their several sister properties in the area; to ensure their patrons the one-of-a kind experience they can expect when visiting Universal Studios.


Initially, the EM Design team met with both the Loews and Universal teams to understand the needs of both parties. Then Eva Mann and her team analyzed every aspect of the Endless Summer renderings to arrive at a brand interpretation that was represented in the power of the color, mood, texture and custom designs of textiles. From this foundation, the EM Design team worked closely with all parties involved to create garments that showcased custom styles, and functionality.

The employees were excited to be wearing these stylish garments that met the real life functionality of working in the Florida climate. 

The companies were able to create a valued partnership and will continue to work together in the future.