Eva Mann Designs

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Eva Mann Designs is a custom design firm specializing in branding our clients with tailored, fashion-forward uniforms which are unique to each property.

When First Impression Matter Most

Dynamic, innovative, fashion-forward uniform design that enhances the image of our clients is what sets Eva Mann Designs apart. We work closely with our clients to develop uniform programs that reflect their style and enhance their brand

The Eva Mann Design Team

Our uniform design team is made up of highly regarded fashion professionals, delivering cutting-edge, fashion-forward uniform design. Eva Mann Designs are featured in top resorts including the Venetian, Palazzo, Flamingo, Luxor, Hard Rock, Foxwoods, and Palms Hotel and Casino.


What do your uniforms say about you? Uniform Styling drives home your brand as much as the furniture and architecture in your facilities. In fact, that's how we look at the elements of style in our uniforms—we provide ambiance. Your clientele expects an experience—the careful uniform styling provided by Eva Mann Designs blends your staff with the overall experience, driving customer satisfaction and securing mindshare.


It's the little things that count. Detail is everything in fashion design, and Eva Mann Designs takes nothing for granted. From the fabrics to stitching, buttons to collar stays, each and every element in our designs exists for a purpose: to deliver on your image. Nothing escapes our attention, and it's this exacting attention to detail, from initial sketches through quality control and on-time, on budget delivery that makes the Eva Mann Design experience something special.


Your image sets you apart. It's the visual essence of your brand; the mystique that keeps your name on the mind of your clientele—that je ne sais quoi that makes you a destination. Eva Mann Designs takes the many elements of your image into account in our designs, creating an atmosphere through careful fashion styling that brings your image home through our designs.


The Eva mann Design approach to uniform fashion design comes down to impact. Positive impact on your image, on the impressions your clientele gets from your staff, and most of all, a continuing positive impact on your bottom line. Eva Mann Designs delivers this positive impact with each design and every project.